Rich-textured facial cream with great antioxidant, revitalising and hydro-nutritive power. Thanks to the unique combination of its active ingredients, this exquisite cream offers the skin global protection against the action of free radicals, preventing premature skin ageing. It recovers the vitality and luminosity of the face while promoting a uniform tone. It hydrates and nourishes the skin instantly, helping repair the skin barrier in dry skin, to offer a pleasant sensation of softness, comfort and suppleness. It helps blur the signs of fatigue on the face, revealing a more vital, fresher and more luminous complexion.

Recommended for:
– Fatigued, dull, matte and devitalised skin, the skin of smokers or persons suffering from stress, skin lacking luminosity and vitality. All ages.
– Skin requiring a treatment (several sessions) or as a “flash” treatment (1 session) for immediate beauty.

Formulated with:
A powerful cocktail of vitamins essential for the skin (C, E, B3, B5 and F), Reconstituted Red Coral Extract (10 vitamins, proteins and mineral salts), Shea Butter and Hazelnut Oil.

Application Advice: Professional use, according to the specific work protocol.

Presentation: 200 ml