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GLYCOPHASE, Gradual Cell Renewer


Re (create) a new skin.

Intensive facial exfoliation treatment based on pure glycolic acid. It consists of five phases that allow a gradual and secure deep and complete cell renewal of the skin surface.
Reveals a thinner, smoother, even and luminous skin.
For use at home.


Improves the texture of the skin, softening and rejuvenating its appearance.
Recovers a visibly thinner, smooth, uniform and luminous complexion.
It reveals a renewed, fresh and radiant complexion.
RECOMMENDED FOR: All types of skins, except those that are very sensitive or easily irritable. Ideal for skin that has dryness, dehydration, irregular and hyperpigmented pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, thick skins, skins with impurities.

FORMULATED WITH: Pure glycolic acid.

APPLICATION GUIDELINES: Treatment for 42 days house. It is important that before use, carefully read the application guidelines and how to use it in the package insert of the product inside the box.

PRECAUTIONS: If this is the first time that GLYCOPHASE is used, before starting treatment it is recommended to perform a test by applying GLYCOPHASE on a small area of ​​skin, for example the forearm, to check that the product is tolerated properly.

FREQUENCY: In the lower solar radiation stations. GLYCOPHASE is formulated with pure glycolic acid (Alpha-hydroxy acid) which, due to the exfoliation it causes, can increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun. Therefore, it is recommended to use it at night and use a cream with sun protection factor the next day.

PRESENTATION: 5 x 10 ml.