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Your skin breathes too. In the same way our bodies need oxygen to survive, our skin requires it to remain strong and healthy, and to be able to stand up to external agents. Environmental factors (extreme temperatures, pollution, stress, etc.) and endogenous physiological factors can affect correct cellular oxygenation, resulting in dull, rough, desquamated and devitalised skin. The OXYGEN line makes cellular respiration easier, helping in this way to purify, soothe and renew the skin. It increases epidermal cellular growth, maintaining the natural skin structure in perfect condition. OXYGEN reverses the loss of vitality in the skin and also becomes the absolutely necessary care for preparing the skin in the face of sudden environmental temperature changes, making it more resistant.  Oxygenated skin reflects vitality and glow with the result of a more luminous and hydrated complexion.  Make your skin breathe better!

Recommended for:

All skin types, especially congested, opaque, dull, asphyxiated skin, with symptoms of dehydration and lack of tone or vitality.



Oxygenating cream