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Regala Belleza CUSTOM PACKS
Custom Packs

* Limited units.
Exclusive in your beauty
center AINHOA.

Estas navidades, regala belleza a medida.

Porque tú eres única, tu piel también.

CUSTOM PACKS is  A I N H O A‘s proposal for this Christmas.

A way of “personalising” the facial care that is best adapted to the specific needs of your skin.

In three easy steps, get your CUSTOM PACK:

1. From the four top lines from AINHOA, choose the home care for use at home that is best adapted to your needs.

Regala Belleza CUSTOM PACKS Productos

2.Design your own custom pack. With professional advice from your aesthetician, specify what combination of 2 products you want in your pack. We will give you the one with the lower price!

3.Take home your CUSTOM PACK in a special box and enjoy!

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With CUSTOM PACKS, the most exclusive and personal gift for this Christmas.