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¡Un soplo de aire fresco para este verano!

Presentamos Beauty Addict by AINHOA: el cuidado de hidratación imprescindible de la
temporada con un divertido y refrescante beauty bag.

Divertido neceser de canvas de algodón personalizados con una frase en el frontal.
4 colores de pompón.

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HYALURONIC Essential Serum (50 ml): Facial serum that contributes to the maintenance of optimal levels of skin hydration, immediately and in a prolonged way, and reinforces the skin’s protective barrier against the environment. Intensely hydrated, the skin appears smoother and softer.

HYALURONIC Eye Contour Cream (15 ml): A light cream-gel especially designed for the eye contour area. It combats dryness in the area, maintaining optimal levels of skin hydration. It helps reduce the effects of ageing, minimising wrinkles and expression lines and improving skin firmness.