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The international market always formed part of the essence of AINHOA: it has been, is and will be a key part of it. That is why AINHOA enjoys a great reputation and international prestige.
A modern, dynamic and multicultural spirit, together with a great international vision of beauty, have made it possible for the Company to achieve unstoppable success in the Skincare Sector around the world, being present in more than 30 countries.
Countries in which AINHOA is present:
Australia, Bulgaria, Canadá, China, Chipre, Corea, Costa Rica, Dinamarca, Dubai, Egipto, Eslovaquia, España, Estonia, Francia, Hong Kong, Holanda, Irán, Japón, Letonia, Líbano, Malasia, Malta, Marruecos, México, Mongolia, Portugal, República Checa, Rumanía, Suiza, Taiwán, Turquía, Vietnam.