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AINHOA is a Spanish brand specialised in la creation, development and marketing of quality, innovative and effective professional skincare products. It was founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1996, creating a universe of care products for the skin’s beauty and well-being under a combination of two concepts:

• Oriental, exotic and delicate women, who like luxury, exclusivity and well-being.
• Western women who chooses femininity, elegance and class.

AINHOA came to life combining the vision of beauty in Asian culture with the experience and the knowledge of Western beauty, intrinsic to its origin. In this way, it started life in the market under the philosophy of bringing together the best of the East and West. Oriental wisdom in the use of ingredients from nature and Western scientific knowledge to obtain effective, quality products.

AINHOA: Key Pillars

• Efficacy and quality. The brand’s commitment lies in creating skincare treatments and products capable of answering every aesthetic need.
• Innovation. AINHOA is constantly researching needs and means of improvement to offer new products with outstanding results for the beauty of the skin and the soul. In this sense, AINHOA has always been a leader in the professional sector because of the introduction of luxury ingredients in various of its formulations. Caviar and Gold are examples that have brought recognized world prestige.
• Adaptability and flexibility. The needs of consumers are different in each place. AINHOA is capable of adapting to each country in which its distribution channel is found.
• Image. All of this goes hand-in-hand with an impeccable and feminine image capable of representing a unique, daring, sophisticated, seductive, cosmopolitan woman with a great deal of personality: the AINHOA woman.
• An ATTITUDE about life.
• A natural STYLE that never goes unnoticed.
• A PERSONAL TOUCH in everything she does.
• BEAUTY with personality.

• The Beauty Professional. Another of the constant challenges of the brand is offering products and protocols that facilitate the work of the beauty professionals, which offer them profits as well as training and excellence.

AINHOA, its essence, its products and its image are known by professional experts in the skincare world, having been awarded various prizes worldwide and being recognized at the international level by consumers.